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Ambulatory Assisted Taxi Services

Ambulatory patients are those who are able to walk to the medical transport unit with general assistance or no assistance at all. These patients only require the assistance of medical transportation.
Our Assisted Taxi Service is designed to help patients and clients who are ambulatory yet unable to drive themselves and may need assistance to do their day-to-day business.
This service is little known to the general public and yet it offers so much. Assisted Taxi goes hand-and-hand with Assisted Living and Adult Day Care. Many of our customers, particularly home-bound patients, need transportation for routine medical appointments, pharmacy visits, family functions, trips to the bank or to the local grocery store. Ambulatory Assisted Taxi Service gets our clients where they need to go and provides comfort for family members who know their loved one is in good hands.


Wheelchair Van Services

Medical transport by wheelchair is for those both permanently and temporarily confined to a wheelchair. The wheelchair patient must be capable of sitting up straight in order to ride in a wheelchair for transport.
Garling Mobility provides the non-ambulatory client with hassle-free pick up and transportation. Our goal is to provide comfortable transportation, despite physical challenges. Many of our customers, particularly long-term care and home bound patients require medical transportation on a regular basis for non-emergency situations; such as visits to a dialysis clinic, physical therapy, chemotherapy, radiation or other routine medical appointments.
With our specialized Wheelchair Vans, disability no longer means a loss of independence! Family members no longer need to struggle loading a heavy wheelchair into the trunk and risking injuring themselves or the patient transferring to a private car. Instead, our professionally trained drivers will safely take your loved one straight to the appointment and return when called or have a pre-scheduled pick-up time.


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